Handmade Artist Book
Dimension 311 x 453 x 7 mm — 36 Images / 48 Pages

Primitivo is a photographic journey taken in 2017 in Spain on the Primitive Way of the Camino de Santiago. The same path walked by the first reported pilgrim: King Alfonso II of Asturias in 814. Without a map, and guided only by arrows etched into the landscape by previous pilgrims, I crossed Spain on foot for more than 400 km reaching Cape Finisterre, the end of the known world.

This path follows the first historical pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This antique mystical momentum, originating in religious and spiritual beliefs, has radically and permanently transformed the European landscape. It traced ways and routes all across the old continent that lead from East to West, following the Milky Way’s expanse during the night and the Sun’s course during the day.

This book tells about the last Camino I travelled. I combined into this work all that I learned and experienced during my three journeys to Santiago, walking a total distance of over 2000 km. All that we do in life has to be guided by beauty, courage and moderation.